Twitter is full of phoney thought leaders, endlessly retweeting stuff (good and bad) just to appear relevant and develop a following as part of their brand, their influence. This platform filters out these herd leaders. Free, and for the good of the Twitterverse.

Part of my job is to catch up on new topics (usually tech-related) and then keep up with current trends. Twitter’s great for sharing emerging content, but every day there seems to be less signal and more noise.

I analysed thousands of tweets and realised that most were retweets. So that’s almost 60% of posts which might be an indicator of popularity, but which aren’t bringing anything new to the conversation.

Screen out people reposting the same content over and over, just to catch an audience, and then thousands of people who aren’t retweeting but are still sharing content we’ve seen before, the useful stuff falls away to 10-15%.

So I came up with the idea for a tool which filters all that away, to see in real time (or just every now and again) what’s going on. It worked so well I thought I’d open it to everyone.

Why the name?

While I brooded and worked out what I could do get rid of all the noise, I started to resent (and occasionally write about) the phoney ‘thought leaders’. Because if you retweet enough content, enough times around the clock, you can develop a following. I don’t mind people who have nothing original to say, and am happy to follow someone who curates good stuff, but it pisses me off to see people blindly churning out any old tat which has the right hashtag.

So as I said to a colleague one day, these aren’t thought leaders. They’re herd leaders.

I hope you find The Herd Locker useful. Unbiased crowdsourced content -to track in realtime or dip into every now and again. You can even get a weekly roundup of the hashtags of your choice sent right to your mailbox.

And if you want to get in touch, to add a new hashtag to the list or whatever, you can reach me through LinkedIn, email me or of course send a message through Twitter @AndresVarela.